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With vs. Without: Why Without Code?

Three of the best reasons we have heard from members of the WithoutCode community...

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Whether you are non-technical or not, it is hard to beat the rapidity of prototyping without code. Many app ideas do not require invention of new technology. The novelty, rather, is simply aiming existing technology at a new application--this explains descriptions like "Tinder for X" or "AirBnB for Y."

If your idea does not require invention of new technology, then why would you spend the time writing custom code? It doesn't make sense. That is why building apps without code is a topic with as much appeal for technical entrepreneurs as non-techies (like us).


Have you ever played the telephone game? Everyone sits in a circle and whispers a sentence in his/her neighbor's ear. One whisper at a time, the original sentence makes its way around the circle until the message is finally delivered. The end message almost always differs drastically from the original message.

Original message: my ear hurts.

End message: guy fear squirts.

Of course it is a funny game. But it is not a game you want to play with your app idea. If you do not have the skills to build the app yourself, then you have no choice but to play the telephone game with whomever is writing your code.


Look, no one needs to convince you that thrift is good--especially if you are an entrepreneur. Thrift was cool long before Macklemore rapped about it, and that is why there are more entrepreneur-coined synonyms for the word "thrift" than there are venture capitalists actually writing checks. Lean, bootstrap, capital efficient, cheap as hell--these are all virtues in the startup psyche.

Far more companies fail because of sales deficiencies than product deficiencies. If you can launch a codeless product in 10% of the time/cost it would have taken you to spit out its coded counterpart, then you will be able to spend 90% more on taking that product to market. If you have a limited budget--which almost every entrepreneur does--and can only choose to spend all out on one area, sales versus product, choose sales.

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